American Pick Up Canopy

Canopies WA are proud to announce we can now supply and install Dodge Ram 1500 Canopies, we also have Bullbars and Electric Roller Lids.  To find out more contact us today

Our American Pickup Canopy suits:

  • Silverado Canopy
  • Dodge Ram Canopy
  • Chevrolet Canopy
  • F150 Canopy
  • F250 Canopy
  • F350 Canopy
  • F Series Canopy
  • American Pick Up

Canopy Features

  • Central Locking Rear Door
  • Carpet Lined
  • Interior Led Light
  • Toughened Coloured Glass
  • Vented Side Windoor Lift and Slide
  • Roof Track Options
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • 1 Piece Fibreglass Mould Honey comb construction