4WD Suspension Perth

Ready for your next adventure? Make sure you select the correct 4WD suspension.

4WD suspension refers to the systems of tyres, tyre air, springs, shock absorbers and linkage parts that connect a vehicle to its wheels and enables motion between the two.

Selecting the correct suspension for your vehicle is one of the most important decisions on your vehicle build and when it comes to this selection, it pays to speak to the trained experts at Canopies WA.

Our team understands that one of the most important parts of a 4WD suspension system is the springs and a common mistake is the choice of spring rates.

The springs are what support the weight of your vehicle and control the motion applied to the wheels below as you travel over different terrain.

With the current influx of aftermarket accessories available, packing light for an overnight adventure seems to be a thing of the past. ‘Camping in style’ or ‘Glamping’ as we call it, comes with a few hurdles. Drawer systems, canopies, roof racks, awnings, fridges, dual batteries, bullbars, winches, just to name a few, are luxuries that come with a common downfall. Weight.

Consider your vehicle’s GVM

The more weight you add to a vehicle, the closer you become to the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). The GVM of the vehicle also includes all passengers, cargo, fuel, water, food and we haven’t even touched on towing!

Towing adds additional downward weight to the vehicle tow ball, which needs to be included in the GVM calculations along with the Gross Combined Mass (GCM) of the vehicle and towing load.

When selecting your 4WD suspension, any additional weight needs to be calculated. If your calculations exceed or are close to the factory GVM of the vehicle, a GVM upgrade will be required.

Canopies WA is authorised to supply and install Second Stage Manufactured (SSM) GVM suspension upgrades for many of today’s popular vehicles. By upgrading the GVM, you know you will be travelling safely and legally with your family and prized possessions on board.

Our range of 4WD suspension products is growing, so stay tuned for updates! And if you need any assistance selecting the right 4WD suspension product for you, please don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team at Canopies WA today, we’re always happy to help!

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