Lazer Lamps High Performance LED Lighting


Whether you are seeking quality, performance, style or longevity, Lazer Lamps have a solution for you. No longer do you require a bullbar or nudge bar as a platform to simply mount your lighting.

Lazer Lamps have designed bespoke grille integration kits which not only accentuate the styling of modern vehicles, but they also perform exceptionally well. These kits offer a factory fitment look and offer a smooth yet powerful light output that is soft on the eyes.

Lazer Lamps also offer a large range of light bars including slimline Linear Elite units which sit perfectly under the front or sides of a roof rack. They also have a great selection of accessories including covers, mounts, clamps and wiring solutions.

Due to the significant and growing demand for round driving lights in Australia, Lazer Lamps recently released a new Sentinel range of driving lights. As expected with this high quality brand, these lights do not disappoint in aesthetics and performance. They also offer the same 5-year peace of mind warranty as with the existing range.

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