Dual Battery Systems


If you’re thinking of going off-road for a camping trip, there are many considerations that go into planning what you’ll need to take. An extra power source is more than often required for camping and long road trips, which is why we offer dual battery systems and solar solutions. A car battery can provide enough power to some accessories but is not inherently designed for this purpose and you can run the risk of running it flat, which could leave you stranded.

A dual battery system is a simple and compact solution that acts as a secondary power supply to powers your camping accessories. By isolating your car’s cranking battery, a dual battery system eliminates the risk of your battery running flat! When your car is running, the alternator charges both the car’s battery and second battery. Once your car is off, you can rely on the secondary battery to keep your fridge and other camp accessories running whilst your car battery is fully charged.

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  • Dual Battery Systems
  • Dual Battery Systems
  • Dual Battery
  • Secondary Battery
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