Automatic Hard Lids


Our automatic hard lids offer a sleek design that enhances the look of your vehicle whilst protecting your belongings. Made from premium materials and featuring an innovative design, our automatic hard lids offer a durable solution for the back of your ute. The lids can be fitted to all 4×4 dual cab and extra cab utes such as the Ford FG and Holden VE and VF.

Automatic hard lid features include:

  • Fibreglass hard lid
  • Remote operated
  • Switch on dash
  • Felt-lined
  • Australian made
  • Security and durability
  • One-piece and three-piece option with a sports bar

For more information on your products or to get a free quote for an automatic hard lid, contact Canopies WA today. Check out the videos below of our installations!

  • Automatic hard lid
  • Automatic hard lid
  • Automatic hard lid
  • Automatic hard lid
  • IMG_5253
  • IMG_5254
  • IMG_5256
  • IMG_6605
  • 4X4 Automatic Hard Lids
  • Ranger FX4
  • image002 (1)
  • image001
  • 20180913_162755
  • IMG_6600
  • IMG_1464
  • IMG_9711
  • image007
  • FX4 Automatic Lid
  • IMG_9663
  • image009
  • IMG_1186
  • Automatic Hard Lids
  • image006
  • 20180303_085456 (1)
  • Automatic Hard Lids
  • Ute Automatic Hard Lid
  • Automatic hard lids
  • Automatic hard lids
  • image008
  • IMG_4016
  • IMG_4017
  • IMG_4018
  • IMG_1878
  • auto hard lids1
  • Automatic Hard Lid
  • Automatic hard lid
  • Automatic Hard Lid
  • IMG_9712
  • Volkswagon
  • VW Automatic Lid
  • RAM Auto Lid

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