Solar Screen (Sun Protection)


At Canopies WA you’ll enjoy solar screens that have been designed to specifically to suit our canopies.

There are nine layers of insulative material, quilted together to ensure your warmth in winter and keep you cool in summer.

Please note, our solar screens are specifically suited to match our canopies and are not intended for use separately or for other applications, makes or models.

Below are some of the benefits our product provides:

  • Keeping the car cool in summer.
  • Keeping the car warm during winter.
  • Measured and fitted specifically to the exact shape of your car’s windows.
  • Use of suction discs to attach each screen to optimise insulation, easily open and close doors as well as avoiding damage to your windows.
  • Sound absorbing.
  • Blocks out light.
  • Prevention of condensation by 80%.
  • Our screens are stored is strong storage bags for convenience.


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